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Painting 'Find Me First - 10am'.jpg

Find Me First - 10am (2019)

oil and acrylic on canvas


Jesse - Mixed media sculpture, dimension

Jesse (2019)

Mixed media sculpture

Dimensions variable

Must stay.jpg

Must Stay/Must Go (2019)

Mixed media on canvas


Cross Fire, Mixed media on fabric, Dimen

Cross Fire (2019)

Mixed media on fabric

We're All In This Together, oil on canva

We're All In This Together (2019)

Oil on canvas

110 x 100 cm

Year 2050, Mixed media on fabrics, 2019.

Year 2050 (2019)

Mixed media on fabric in netting


Matilda & Zeus (2019)

Mixed media on fabrics

Dimensions variable

Cross Breed, Mixed media on fabric, Dime

Cross Breed (2019)

Mixed media on fabric & netting

Dimensions variable 

Philip, Mixed media on fabrics, 2019.jpg

Philip (2019)

Mixed media sculpture on fabric

Dimenions Variable 

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